7 Tech Accessories you Should Always Keep in Your Car

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Keep your devices charged, stream music wirelessly, and get alerted to issues before they get worse.

The average American spends 51 minutes driving each day according to a survey conducted by AAA, and if you have a lengthy commute, or live in an area with a lot of traffic, you’re probably spending even more time behind the wheel.

It may seem smart to keep your car as tech free as possible to cut down on potential distractions, but keeping a few key accessories inside actually makes a lot of sense. Our recommendations are designed to help you focus on the road while you’re driving, and help you solve common-but-unexpected problems as quickly as possible.

Some are designed to work with your phone, the gadget you’re most likely to have on you at all times, without enticing you to interact with it, while others add modern features to an older car. All the accessories we’re recommending will work with almost every car, regardless of its year, make, or model, so it won’t matter what you drive.

Whether you’re driving an hour a week, or two hours a day, the tech accessories we’ve found all deserve a place in your car.

Car and Driver Intellidash Pro


Car and Driver Intellidash Pro


Car and Driver’s Intellidash Pro is the ultimate tech upgrade for your car. The device can fully replace your car’s current media center and act as a GPS when it’s connected to your phone. Its 7-inch touchscreen is far larger than a phone’s display, which makes it easier to read directions. The Intellidash Pro works with both Android Auto and Apple’s CarPlay, which allows you to access key apps from your phone (music streaming services, your mapping app of choice, etc.) from the Intellidash Pro. Notifications like texts and calls will also be displayed on the screen in a non-obtrusive way.

I’ve never used a CarPlay device before, but setting it up with an iPhone took less than five minutes. The most time consuming part was figuring out the best place to install it on my dashboard. The Intellidash Pro’s most appealing feature is its easy installation. Traditionally, an upgrade like this would require you to rip out your car’s existing entertainment console, and permanently install a new one. With the Intellidash Pro, you can get the same features without picking up a single tool.

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