An Instant Update To Your Car With Car And Driver

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I am not going to lie. I love electronics that can give you an instant update to your home, but even cooler if you can give your car and instant update right? Car And Driver has so many products to choose from to help you give your car an amazing update.

Most people, including myself, can’t afford a brand new car, let alone all the bells and whistles. It is just impossible but using one of the Car and Driver products can help you bring the technology of today’s cars even to older cars.

One of my favorite Car And Driver products that will also be included in our Holiday guide this year is the Car and Driver INTELLIDASH+ with Apple Carplay ( don’t worry it works with android as well). This product is the ultimate addition to any older model car that you might have.

I just adore how big the display is and so easy to use and set up! You will need to plug this into a DC 12V but if you don’t want cords showing……

Car and Driver still has your back! They also offer a wireless version. So you will not have to worry about all the cords all over your vehicle.

I still have not decided on if I will keep this in our Dodge or not so I have not attached the mount, but everything works perfectly.

One thing that I wanted to mention is that set up is a breeze. Of course, being an Android girl, I downloaded the Android Auto App onto my phone and connected it to the INTELLIDASH+. By doing this I have full control over my Google Assistant, SMS Messages, Google Maps (because I always get lost), Youtube Music and so much more. I was even able to connect our SiriusXM Radio.

I am just in love with this system and really feel it is the perfect choice when you want to upgrade an older model vehicle, but I didn’t want to stop there. Car and Driver can also help you update many other things. Below you will find a couple more of my favorite products.

Car and Driver Road Patrol Touch Duo Dash Cam – $179.99 on Best Buy  

·       Baby and blind spot monitoring 

·       Accident detection (g-sensor) with super night vision 

·       Parking mode with advanced driver assistance systems 

·       3-inch OLED touch screen with built-in microphone 

Car and Driver Car Wireless Charging Mount Kit with Smart Grab and Release – $54.99 on Best Buy 

·       Fits comfortably in many places on your dashboard – with no wires 

·       Provides 10W of power for fast charging 

·       Designed with several cellphone models in mind 

Car and Driver FM Transmitter and 12V USB Car Charger with SIRI/Google Assistant Activation – $29.99 on Best Buy 

·       Acts as your Bluetooth capabilities if you have an older car – meaning you can play music and make calls through your phone 

·       Has Google/Siri/Alexa activation 

·       Can charge 3 devices at the same time 


I do hope that you check out these products and the INTELLIDISH+ is a total must! Any car lover, music lover, and beyond would absolutely love this. It is simply a plug and go…..