Everything You Need to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions


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The new year is here, and while most are filled with a lot of hope, this year is a little tougher. This year dragged on, but as we face a new year and all the challenges it’s sure to bring, let’s take a look at some nice things to help you stay on track in 2021.

Car and Driver Duo Dash Cam | $200

Have you been putting off making your car safer, and protecting yourself in the event of an accident? If your New Year’s resolution is to finally change that, start with a Car and Driver Duo dash cam. This dash cam has both a forward and rear camera, touch screen display, the cameras are designed to easily read plate for those unlucky hit-and-run situations.

In addition, if your car doesn’t have built-in driver assistance safety tech, the dash cam has an alert system. It works to increase your safety by warning you if you leave your lane, or might possibly end up in a collision.