The Frommer's Gift Guide for 2020: Stuff for Road Trips and How We Travel Now

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The ways we wander might have shifted in 2020, but our passion to see new places has not diminished. And if anything, our urge to share our travels with the people we love has only increased.

This year, the choices for the Frommer's Gift Guide focus on items that suit the way we travel now. Everything on our list will make a trip smarter, safer, easier, or more fun.

Frommer's Gift Guide: Care and Driver and Car Charger

Car and Driver Wireless FM Transmitter and Car Charger

Do you drive a vehicle that's too old to for Bluetooth? Or have you ever suffered through a road trip in a rental car that couldn't support it? Pack this doohickey, because it fills the gap. Plug it into the cigarette lighter and it will link your Bluetooth-connected smartphone to an unused frequency of your choice on your car radio. Using this tech-packed gadget, you can listen to music, deal with calls (touch the center control to answer—there's a built-in microphone), play music from an inserted memory card, and more. It's already set up to interact with voice commands for Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant, and it also comes with three charging ports, two of them USB and one USB-C (18W). Hey, it's cheaper than a new car! $30,

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