Hardwire Rearview Camera Kit – CAR AND DRIVER BUC100

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Whether you need an extra pair of eyes when attempting to parallel park your car, or some reassurance when backing up or reversing, Car and Driver’s Hardwire Rearview Camera Kit is the optimal solution for any of those situations. Featuring a crystal-clear full HD display that allows you to see all the finest details (as well as a waterproof design), this license plate rear camera makes operating your vehicle a bit easier and hassle-free. Simply have your mechanic or a trained technician install the camera to your car’s wire system and your Intellidash® monitor (ONLY works with the DU900, DU950S, DU1000, and the DU2000S models).

Wave or Touch to Open
Touch the capacitive silver panel on the front of the unit with your finger, or simply wave your hand in front of the infrared sensor to open (even with gloves). A supercapacitor inside stores energy so you can open DashMate when your car is turned off.

15W Fast Charging
With up to 15 watts of power, DashMate™ charges your device faster than the competition so you'll have more battery life in your device when you arrive at your destination

Quiet Cooling Fan System
No need to worry about your phone overheating, even when it’s in direct sunlight. The cooling fan ensures there's plenty of airflow to cool your device and keep it at an optimal temperature all the time.

Automatically Fits Your Device
Insert your phone and DashMate™ automatically closes to securely grip it in place.

  • Up to 15 Watts Wireless Charging Power
  • Touch or Wave to Open
  • Case-Friendly
  • Leveling and Swiveling Base
  • USB Type-C Connector
  • Input: 12V2A/9V2A/5V3A
  • Output: 15W/10W/7.5W/5W Adaptive
  • Cooling Fan: 5V 0.22A 6500r
  • Working Humidity: (10%-90%) RH, No Condensation

  • DashMate™
  • 12V Charger
  • USB-A to USB-C Power Cable
  • User Manual